4/24 reading session on C.L.R. James

Our next meeting will be………..

C.L.R. James
Tuesday April 24th @ 6:30pm
Room 5109 (in the Graduate Center)


1. Cedric Robinson, “C.L.R. James and the Black Radical Tradition” in Black Marxism.

He discusses James’ work in relation to both Western Marxism and the Black Radical Tradition. Its about 40 pages, and covers everything from the Black Jacobins to his later engagement with the U.S. working class, Stalin, and Trotsky. Available here.

2. C.L.R. James, Black Jacobins. We were thinking of focusing on chapters 1, 4, and 12. (Please email if you need a copy of this)

Its a lot of reading at a very busy time in the year… please just focus on whatever you can get/want to and we’ll go from there in the discussion.

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