Left Forum panel on Saturday 3/17

Imperialism and the Neoliberal State in the Middle East and South Asia

States in the Middle East and South Asia embrace international finance capital even as they remain under the threat of foreign intervention. This panel considers the entwinement of third world sovereignty and neoliberal development in Turkey, Egypt, Sri Lanka, and India, in light of recent global events in these regions. How has the Arab Spring reverberated within South Asia? How does the U.S. left advance an anti-imperialist position without unwittingly lending support to repressive and authoritarian regimes elsewhere?

Saturday 3/17, 12:00pm in Room W617 (Pace University, 1 Pace Plaza)

Sponsored by: South Asia Solidarity Initiative (SASI) and the Graduate
Center Marxist Reading Group

Ahilan Kadirgamar
Samar Al-Bulushi
Yunus Telliel
Neil Agarwal
Saygun Gokariksel (in absentia)

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