11/20 discussion with Don Robotham

Our upcoming meeting with Don Robotham will address the tension of rights/liberal democracy and political-economic transformation. What is the relationship between a long-term goal of transformation and the everyday contingency of action?

Tuesday, 11/20 at 4:15pm in the Globalization Room (rm 5109)


Slavoj Zizek, “Against Human Rights” in NLR 34 2005

Nicolas Dot-Pouillard, “Syria Divides the Arab Left” in Le Monde Diplomatique 2012

V.I. Lenin, “The Right of Nations to Self-Determination”

James Holston, “Insurgent Citizenship in an Era of Global Urban Peripheries” in City & Society (2009)

Raj Patel, “The Third Nelson Mandela”

S’bu Zikode, “We are the Third Force”

Otto Kirchheimer, “Legality and Legitimacy” in Rule of Law Under Siege

Carl Schmitt, “The Concept of the Political”

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